Parish Idea Swap

Grandparents Sunday

Noticing that there were very few children (none) in attendance at the Worship at St. Augustine’s of Canterbury we declared July 29th “Grandparents Sunday”.

Parish Book Club

A parish book club, focused on Christian, community outreach and social justice and/or prayer literature – or, as this idea contributor calls them: “books about everyday people living more than everyday lives. Books that make us think about all the work that has been done and is left to be done.”

Parishioners Night out

Members of a parish could plan a fun night out and invite people from other parishes to join them.  Perhaps a movie or bowling night once a month? It would be an opportunity to get out and have some fun with fellow Christians. Who knows, maybe it could even lead to a diocesan bowling tournament? “Connecting with […]

Refreshment Stand

Setup a lemonade & prayer stand. Sell the lemonade but give the prayers away for free. Keep them very short and only specific upon request.

Faith Job Fair

Host a lunch and job fair with the focus being on how people live their faith in their job.

Valentines from God

challenge people to give a valentine to someone they wouldn’t normally give a valentine to using it as an opportunity to express their love for their neighbour. Provide the valentines at a service, present the challenge and say a prayer together for it.