Intentional Discipleship Resource

A resource for clergy and parishes in keeping with the most recent discussions of the Anglican Consultative Council, where Intentional Discipleship was a key focus.

Parish Records: What to Keep

Our diocese requires the registers, vestry minutes, financials and annual reports of parishes, but other things such as parish newsletters, labelled photographs and cemetery and memorial garden records are also welcome. Click Here for a list of what to keep

Kathryn Ivany, Archivist

Anglican Diocese of Edmonton

Ph: 780) 903-7993


‘Jesus at the Turning of the Ages’; a free online course from Wycliffe College

Wycliffe college has announced the availability of a free, online course in the Fall of 2015! This exciting class provides an excellent opportunity to continue to grow in both knowledge and faith! See below for details, or click Here to see the poster.   Jesus at the Turning of the Ages   The course is an introduction to the […]

Sharing Anglicans

Let's work towards a "sharing economy," caring for both our community and our environment. Visit to give away or request second hand items. 

To post an item to request or give away, contact Community Development Facilitator John Gee: / 780-439-7344.

Sharing Anglicans

Sharing Anglicans is a new website for parishes and people in the Diocese of Edmonton to use to exchange items. These can include furnishings, books, equipment, vestments, employment opportunities, or anything else you have that someone else might want. We hope this site will help you do your work and will also help promote the “sharing […]