Congregational Growth & Development

Intentional Discipleship Resource

A resource for clergy and parishes in keeping with the most recent discussions of the Anglican Consultative Council, where Intentional Discipleship was a key focus.


Bible in the Life of the Church

A world-wide Bible study, formed by regional groups across the Communion, became the Bible in the Life of the Church project. Within the Edmonton diocese, the Rev. Dr. Myron Penner, Christ Church Associate Priest, was asked to lead a study group to provide a western Canadian voice within the Northing American Regional Group. The resulting report, Deep Engagement-Fresh Discovery, and its many resources can be found here.

Congregational Growth and Development: Books & References

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Whitney, Diana Kaplin and Amanda Trosten-Bloom. 2010. The power of appreciative inquiry : A practical guide to positive change. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Whitney, Diana Kaplin, Amanda Trosten-Bloom, and Kae Rader. 2010. Appreciative leadership : Focus on what works to drive winning performance and build a thriving organization. New York: McGraw-Hill.   Community Organizing […]

VCC 2013

Vital Church Conference 2013

February 5th – 7th 2013 Christian leaders from a wide range of traditions gathered for our third Vital Church Conference. The conference was an opportunity to meet and worship together and to learn from pioneers in ministry how God is at work leading and building up His Church. This year the conference was all about “Being Disciples”. Vital Churches are communities of disciples: people following Christ together. Building up and making disciples is an essential part of revitalizing ministries and establishing new communities.

The Vital Church Conference engaged Christian leaders as we explored new ways, relevant to today’s culture, to live out Jesus’ command to go and make disciples.

Keynote Addresses



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Growing Healthy Churches with NCD

Under the leadership of Carol Blair, the diocese launched a three-year Natural Church Development (NCD) Initiative in 2012. NCD is one tool offered to churches to encourage, enable and equip people for ministry. For many years a number of churches in the diocese have used NCD to better understand and develop their congregations. Thirteen parishes were invited to take part in the diocesan pilot project. Click here to read on.