Meet Our New Chaplain to the Environment!

Sarah FickoWeb

Bishop Jane Alexander has appointed Sarah Ficko as Chaplain to the Environment for the Diocese of Edmonton.

Sarah is a PhD candidate at the University of Alberta, specializing in Land Reclamation and Revegetation. She is a member of the St. Aidan’s community at St. George’s, Edmonton. Raised by her parents on a farm outside of Ottawa ON with her four siblings, she earned a deep appreciation and love for land and the care of animals and plants. Sarah went on to earn BSc and BEd degrees from Queen’s University, followed by an MSc in Environmental Sciences, specializing in phytoremediation from the Royal Military College of Canada. She worked as an environmental scientist on Baffin Island, and her PhD focus is on arctic tundra revegetation at a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.

Sarah is passionate about environmental sustainability, social justice, and education. In her new role as environment chaplain, she will develop ideas to challenge and assist individuals and parishes in the Edmonton diocese. She prays that action to reduce our environmental impact through change, whether small or big, will serve to model how we all play an important role in the stewardship of creation.

Contact Sarah by email at: